WWE SuperCard Cheats and Guides

Recently we reviewed WWE SuperCard and gave it a 7 out of 10 ranking which is not bad for being a same game of MyNBA2K14 under the same developer. Anyway for those who never played the said game, you will greatly enjoy this wrestling superstar based game. If you wish to download the game, you can go to our review page as we also shared links there where you can download the game for iOS and later on for Android as they are still in progress in making an Android version of WWE SuperCard.

For those who missed our review or don’t know what kind of entertainment they are going to enjoy here, WWE SuperCard is a collectible card battling game wherein your primary objective is to build a team of wrestlers consist of four superstars and one diva and use them to compete in different card battling matches against other players. In addition, you can play friendly exhibitions against other players or you can join the whole league in the King of the Ring tournament.

Well we are here not to bring review or detail of the game again. We are here to share to you some cheats and guides that you can do to ensure your advantage of playing this app. There are lots of tricks and tips you can consider to dominate the game pretty easy so let’s discuss this so you will be informed.

1. Pay attention on what stats you need to compete with. Most of the time having the stronger cards will bring more victory but there are some elements of the game where you need to spice it up with strategy. For instance, you need to match up by one stat in a battle or two stats which is in random. From here you need to pay attention on what prevailing stats you need to compete and not only to focus with your card and supportive card.

2. The King of the Ring Tournament cheat. As we mentioned above, the game will match up with stats randomly based on game algorithm. And now we’ve learned a glitch from other players where you can cheat the game and easily win almost all the matches. In WWE SuperCard there is a King of the Ring tournament that based on auto game mode which rewards you with extra cards. Well the good thing here is we can cheat it and gain our advantage. In this PvP matching, mostly it will be based on the strength of your deck and to start the cheat all you have to do is to start the game with the the worst possible deck and this is by reducing the strength but as soon as the tournament stars, you can change the cards with your best ones and you will find out that the matches will be based on the first deck you register to use but since you change it with powerful deck, you will find out that you can easily win those matches.

3. Earning more cards easily. The best way to earn lots of cards is playing through exhibition mode since you will earn two cards for every victory and if happens that you lose you are still entitled to get one card. Though you need to play tedious here compare to King of the Ring Tournament but consider the rewards plus a new set up so you will never tired of playing WWE SuperCard because of dynamic set up as most players best challenge with patience and repetitive task. If you are looking forward to dominate the game and want earn lots of cards, you should consider playing through exhibition mode.

4. Use boost cards wisely. In this game you are able to boost cards that can increase all the skills of your cards and bring you total advantage over your opponent plus when it comes to skills, there is just one skill that matters so you need to pump this up whatever it takes. In addition, you can only use one boost per fight so ensure you are doing your best when it comes to boost up your cards. Remember that even you are allowed to use one boost card per fight, these cards is not consumable so you are able to use same boost card over and over again per fight.

5.  Always take advantage over your opponent. Everything will be based on your card stats and you can do nothing aside from it. So before fighting you must choose your fights wisely this is by looking the number of wins and losses of players has. Though there is no rule in this part but mostly those top tier players have lots of wins over losses so if you think that you are not well prepared for tough matches, you better stay away from these players and instead go for new players having no records of win or lose.

6. Combine two cards to unlock Pro version of it. We already mentioned it in our review page and since this is still a good decision to make while you are playing WWE SuperCard, we decided to remind our readers again this time. So if ever that you get two cards under the same card, you can combine them and you will see that this will become a pro version having more training potentials and stats. Having a good training potentials, meaning to say you will earn lots of additional stats if you train pro version compare to normal cards.

7. Manage a good team up. This is perfect especially when you decided to play with Tag Team feature. You must ensure that you have always have cards that are compatible in your hand for the tag team or at least they are having the same symbol. This is the reason why we mentioned that having lots of cards is your advantage and farming it through exhibition mode is a good way to do.

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