WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for WWE SuperCard!

1. When Starting Out, Compete Against Opponents With a High Number of Losses

• As a beginner player in the game, you should start out your campaign against opponents who have a high record of losses. Once you set your eyes on a rival who’s loss rate is much higher than their win rate, you’ll know you’ll easily defeat them.

• Anyone who has a large amount of losses on their record is usually a player who’s deck isn’t balanced very well. Teach ’em all a lesson by defeating them in battle. Those 1st few matches you engage in are good for practicing the game’s mechanics before you truly master them.

2. The Only Purpose of Common Cards is by Using Them to Train Your Stronger Cards

• The Common Cards you collect over time aren’t really useful (unless you’re so intent on collecting every card in the game). You should utilize these Common Cards to go towards the training needed to make your more valuable cards much stronger.

• Every one of the strong WWE Superstar/Legend cards has a level cap, so you should try everything in your power to sacrifice your Common Cards and reach that level cap.

3. You Should Make Good Use of Those Rare Cards for Training, Too

• Common Cards are great for training your stronger cards, of course. But you should make sure you’re using a bunch of your Uncommon and Rare cards to add to your training regimen.

• If you have some multiple versions of your Rare and Uncommon cards, then go ahead and use of them to build up your deck of stronger cards. We know how hard it is to let go of those much harder to obtain cards, so sacrifice just one of ’em if you must.

4. The Best Approach to Stashing Your Rare Cards

• When it comes to your stack of Rare cards, you should balance them out by keeping at least eight Rare WWE Superstars or Legends and two Rare Divas.

• You should break out these Rare Card deck formations for the King of the Ring mode. It’s always safe to keep a backup deck of strong and rare cards, so keep your Rare cards on call once you main deck loses too much energy.

5. The Perfect Time to Utilize Support Cards gave players some idea of when to throw some support cards into the fray:

• Don’t forget about your support cards: They can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Select a support card before selecting a wrestler card, and make sure to wait for the right moment. For instance, if a match calls for high Charisma, it doesn’t do much good to use a support card that boosts Toughness. Support cards can only be used once per match, so don’t waste them.

6. Combine Any Cards That Are of the Same Type

• You should note that any time you get two cards of the same type, you should combine them to add a few extra skills to the single card that will be produced. Make sure the overall stats on both cards have reached their max, too. That way, you’ll manage to produce a Gold star rated pro card over a Silver rated one.

7. The Best Approach to the King of the Ring Mode

• The King of the Ring tournament is an uphill battle that can unfold over several days. This mode gives you the chance to play human players and match you up according to the strength of both player decks. For this mode, you should bring your strongest cards into the tourney.

• You should make sure you swap out your WWE Superstar/Legend/Diva cards after using them after several KOTR matches. Your roster will lose energy after each contest, so make sure you keep ’em fresh with energy refill cards too (you’ll collect a few of those during Exhibition bouts).

8. Pay Close Attention to How You Manage Your WWE Divas Deck

WWE Supercard Divas told players about the benefits of training a deck full of WWE Divas:

• Seriously. Train your Divas.

• I got a Super Rare Cameron in second day with the game, and I cannot tell you how many games I’ve won because nobody else’s Diva can compare. The Divas are the ONLY card type in the game that is in its own league. They don’t have to compete with the men, and the supports are almost never used on them. But they come up in almost every single game, and having a great, well-trained Diva is a sure-win in about 99-percent of your games. In my 1,000 games, probably 900 of them were with Super Rare Cameron (not even a Pro version, by the way), and I’ve lost maybe 5 games where she’s been featured.

• Train your Divas.

9. Pair Up The Right Wrestler Cards for Tag Team Bouts

• Every WWE Superstar and Legend card you collect has a stat that you’ll have to take advantage of during tag team matches – the arrow icon that lies to the top left of your card. Two similiar wrestler cards who have the same type of arrow icon and color work very well together in tag team skirmishes.

• Note that two wrestler cards of the same arrow/color ilk will form a whole, single-colored arrow. They’ll also be granted a stat bonus during tag team matches. Any wrestlers who don’t produce the same arrow/color formation will get a stat decrease, though.

10. And Above All Else, Keep on Playing Cause You’ll Always Walk Away With More Cards

WWE Supercard

• This is one of the those games that you’ll need to play on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, folks; after every exhibition match that’s been played, you’ll be granted some extra cards for your efforts.

• Of course you’ll want to win at every chance. But you should make it your goal to play as many exhibition matches as you can in one day so you can collect several new cards by the end of your prolonged play session. Winning a match will grant you the option to leave the match with two WWE Superstar or Legend cards instead of just one, by the way.

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